If you have been charged with a federal crime in Wisconsin, you will need to hire a Wisconsin Federal Crimes Lawyer.

Examples of Federal Crimes include, but are not limited to:

Bank Fraud Crimes
To engage in an act or pattern of activity where the purpose is to defraud a bank of funds.

Bribery Crimes
When money, goods, services, information or anything else of value is offered with intent to influence the actions, opinions, or decisions of the taker. You may be charged with bribery whether you offer the bribe or accept it.

Computer Fraud & Hacking Crimes
Where computer hackers steal information sources contained on computers such as: bank information, credit cards, and proprietary information.

Counterfeiting Crimes
Occurs when someone copies or imitates an item without having been authorized to do so and passes the copy off for the genuine or original item. Counterfeiting is most often associated with money however can also be associated with designer clothing, handbags and watches.

Credit Card Fraud Crimes
The unauthorized use of a credit card to obtain goods of value.

Currency Schemes Crimes
The practice of speculating on the future value of currencies.

Embezzlement Crimes
When a person who has been entrusted with money or property appropriates it for his or her own use and benefit.

Environmental Schemes Crimes
The overbilling and fraudulent practices exercised by corporations which purport to clean up the environment.

Extortion Crimes
Occurs when one person illegally obtains property from another by actual or threatened force, fear, or violence, or under cover of official right.

Forgery Crimes
When a person passes a false or worthless instrument such as a check or counterfeit security with the intent to defraud or injure the recipient.

Health Care / Medicare Fraud Crimes
Where an unlicensed health care provider provides services under the guise of being licensed and obtains monetary benefit for the service.

Insider Trading Crimes
When a person uses inside, confidential, or advance information to trade in shares of publicly held corporations.

Insurance Fraud Crimes
To engage in an act or pattern of activity wherein one obtains proceeds from an insurance company through deception.

Investment Schemes Crimes
Where an unsuspecting victim is contacted by the actor who promises to provide a large return on a small investment.

Kickback Crimes
Occurs when a person who sells an item pays back a portion of the purchase price to the buyer.

Larceny/Theft Crimes
When a person wrongfully takes another person’s money or property with the intent to appropriate convert or steal it.

Money Laundering Crimes
The investment or transfer of money from racketeering, drug transactions or other embezzlement schemes so that it appears that its original source either cannot be traced or is legitimate.

Racketeering Crimes
The operation of an illegal business for personal profit.

Securities Fraud Crimes
The act of artificially inflating the price of stocks by brokers so that buyers can purchase a stock on the rise.

Tax Evasion Crimes
When a person commits fraud in filing or paying taxes.

Counterintelligence Crimes
Include national security threats and economic espionage.

Computer crimes
Includes access device fraud (credit card and ATM card fraud), computer fraud, injuring or damaging communication systems operated or controlled by the United States or intended for use by military or civil defense functions for the United States, interception of communications (wire, oral or electronic), unauthorized access to stored communications and disclosure of the contents of communications and customer records.

Crimes Against Children
Includes child abductions, domestic and international parental kidnappings, sexual exploitation of children, interstate transportation of obscene material, online child pornography, physical/sexual abuse of a child on a government reservation, National Sex Offender Registry matters and violations of the Child Support Recovery Act.

Cyber Crimes
Includes criminal spam, phishing, spoofed or hijacked accounts, international re-shipping schemes, Cyber-extortion, auction fraud, credit card fraud, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Computer Intrusions (hacking), economic espionage (theft of trade secrets), international money laundering, identity theft, pirating (software, music and movies), online child pornography and child exploitation and obscenity.

Federal Civil Rights Violations
Includes hate crimes, Color of Law/Police Misconduct, Involuntary Servitude/Slavery (ISS) and Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE).

Gun Crimes
Includes possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession by an illegal alien, and “unlicensed” possession of a firearm that requires a license (for example, a machine gun).

Immigration crimes
Includes illegal re-entry, smuggling illegal aliens, harboring illegal aliens and immigration fraud.

Import and export crimes
Includes smuggling Goods Into the United States, entry of goods by means of false statements, importation or exportation of stolen property, failure to declare imported goods to customs, aiding unlawful importation and exportation of arms or munitions of war.

Indian Country Crimes
Includes guns, violent juveniles, drugs, domestic violence, civil rights violations, environmental crimes, public corruption, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act violations, American Indian Art Theft and government fraud occurring in “Indian Country”.

Major Thefts
Includes stealing art, jewelry and gems.

Organized crime
Includes  Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), drug trafficking (drug cartel or drug kingpin) and crimes involving well-entrenched organizations such as La Cosa Nostra and Italian Organized Crime, Russian/Eurasian Organized Crime, Nigerian Criminal Enterprises, and Asian Criminal Enterprises.

Public corruption crimes
Typically involves law enforcement officers accepting money to protect or facilitate drug-trafficking and organized criminal activity.

Tax crimes
Includes tax evasion, tax fraud, and public corruption tax crimes.

Violent crimes
Includes child abduction or mysterious disappearance of children, serial murders, single homicides, serial rapes, extortions, threats, kidnappings, product tampering, arsons and bombings, weapons of mass destruction, public corruption, and domestic and international terrorism.

White collar crimes
Includes antitrust, bankruptcy fraud, environmental crime, financial institution fraud, governmental fraud, health care fraud, Internet computer crime, insurance fraud, money laundering, securities and commodities fraud and telemarketing fraud.