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What are Infractions?

Also known as “petty offenses”, infractions are the least serious crimes in U.S. criminal law. Most infractions amount to a violation of a local ordinance, a municipal code, an administrative regulation or a traffic rule.

In fact, in many jurisdictions, infractions are considered civil offenses rather than criminal offenses, meaning that punishments are less severe.

Possible Consequences of an Infraction

  • 5 days or less in jail
  • Fines
  • An order to fix the offending situation

Infractions and Incarceration

Because most infractions are not considered criminal offenses, they generally don’t lead to jail time. Most infractions don’t even require a court trial to determine an offender’s guilt – for some infractions (like certain traffic offenses), the citation given to offenders holds the same authority as a conviction for more serious crimes.

Examples of Infractions (“Petty Offenses”)

  • Jaywalking
  • Littering
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Some traffic offenses