Offense Type: Felony
Jail Time: Up to 12.5 years
Approximate Total Fine: Up to $25,000 plus costs.
Demerit Points: 6
Suspension/Revocation: 2 years
Occupational License Eligibility: Usually after 120 days. Absolute sobriety required.

In addition: Anyone convicted of drunk driving (or a refusal) will be required to submit to a designated agency for an assessment for alcohol abuse and to follow the agency’s recommended “driver safety plan.” Some counties order that the defendant attend a facility designed to show the impact on victims of drunk driving. Vehicle immobilization or ignition interlock may be ordered. Vehicle may be seized and forfeited.

  • Child in vehicle doubles penalties.
  • New & unlicensed drivers may be subject to additional points.
  • If there are 2 or more offenses within 5 years, waiting period for occupational is 12 months.
  • If offense is committed while operating a commercial motor vehicle, then penalties will include a 1 year CDL disqualification (3 year disqualification if transporting hazardous materials, or lifetime disqualification for 2nd or subsequent OWI).