Everson & Richards LLP Law Offices is a proud sponsor of Alpha Survivors

Everson & Richards LLP Law Offices is a proud sponsor of Alpha Survivors!

Jeanna (Giese) Frassetto is the first person in the world to survive rabies virus infection without prophylactic vaccination. In 2004 she was bitten by a rabid bat at her church. Weeks later – and even though the bite wound had long ago healed – Jeanna became mysteriously ill.

Within hours of becoming sick, a desperate race was on at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital to discover the cause of her mystery illness. Then it became clear that Jeanna had in fact contracted rabies, an infection no one had ever before survived once symptoms began. Her doctor refused to give up and invented a treatment that worked. Survival from rabies was just the start of Jeanna’s amazing journey.

Months of recovery involved relearning to walk, speak and eat, yet Jeanna persevered and graduated with her high school class on schedule. Jeanna earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Lakeland College, Sheboygan, in 2011.

She has tirelessly shared her dramatic personal story with people of all ages and walks of life; her account is rich with inspiring messages which can be tailored to the needs of the particular group.

Jeanna is a passionate bat conservationist and a rabies prevention advocate. She also is a dog sledding enthusiast, able to further enliven her moving presentations with a canine assistant.

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