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Spectacular Attorneys who love to Practice law in The State of Wisconsin. KIRK is a go getter. I am glad to know him.
Owen Backus
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Thanks Kirk!

Best criminal defense attorney in Fond du Lac! Thanks Kirk!
David Reuter
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Excellent Lawyer

I was very pleased with Kirk Everson and the services he provided. In my opinion, he is an excellent lawyer, an extremely personable guy, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Jessica Struzik
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Absolutely Outstanding!

Kirk Everson is the best lawyer I’ve found. He is absolutely outstanding at what he does and I can’t thank him enough for his help. If you want to make sure your case is in the right hands, he is your guy. Going to any other lawyer would be a huge mistake on your part. I would absolutely hire him again and seek his guidance and legal help. I firmly believe that I could not have gotten the result I deserved without his expertise, meticulousness, professionalism, and legal intelligence. Thank you, Mr. Everson!
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Good Job

I was facing my second DWI, and I decided to hire a lawyer because I was deeply concerned with consequences associated with a second offense. I travel a great deal for work and a suspended license would make my job difficult. I wanted a good lawyer, and I decided on Kirk Everson based on his favorable online reviews and word of mouth. Kirk was able to get the DWI dismissed and I plead no contest to a lesser charge that didn’t even show up on my driving record. Kirk was simply outstanding, and I strongly recommend him if you are looking for the best DWI lawyer in the state of Wisconsin
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If you are reading reviews on this site in search of a firm and you are in need of a lawyer that you can trust, you can stop. Everson is incredible. He is what most lawyers strive to be. I have made some poor decisions and found myself in the positions to need a lawyer The best desicion I made was to not get some general pratice attorney. Kirk Everson is honest and knows the law. His professionalism, knowledge, and expertise brought great resolution to my stressful situation. If your family, job, or way of life is in turmoil, I recomend you call
Kirk Everson from Everson & Richards. My case was settled out of court in my favor but I wish I could of afforded to watch him beat up on the State because my case was marginal on the facts but I came out well.
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DNR Attorney

I hired Attorney Everson to handle our companies alleged waste violation which was a complete sham. Two other attorneys told us to settle. Everson came to our business walked through the situation with us and presented our case expertly. Great lawyer!
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Going to prison/not

NOT Kirk kept me out of prison on my 5th or 6th plus OWI under this tense situation i felt informed all the time and relaxed as the situation let me. Today I have a profession and i’m sober.
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Great lawyer

Helped me out. I would recommend Everson. I have been represented by other attorneys and I can say that if you can compare attorneys (which I can) you will wish you hired Everson the first time. I’ve got things straighten out now, he helped me wrap that part of my life up. Did more than I hired him to do. Great lawyer!
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4th OWI in 3 years – felony

Extremely knowledgeable, he kept me informed every step of the way. Straight forward, never sugar coated anything. Extremely honest. Every question I had was answered. Returned all my phone calls in a prompt manner. Had a motion hearing, had to file briefs on the motion and at the oral ruling on the briefs he had all charges dismissed, due to the judge ruling in our favor on the motion.

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Thanks a Million

I needed some one who knew the law and knew the area. Kirk fit the criteria and was more affordable by a large margin. After getting to know him I saw that I could trust him to take care of my situation.
Kirk definitely knew how the “system” worked and predicted what would happen for every next move. He seemed to be one step ahead of the court and ended up being too much for them to handle.
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Saved me during a dark period

A few years back i made some mistakes that resulted in myself receiving criminal charges. Completely lost and clueless this man helped me from day one. We worked out our deal and he went to work. He showed with me to every single court date! He answered my calls when i was panicked and scared. He helped me settle a deal that kept me 1. Free and 2.able to keep my job. I highly recommend sottong down and talking with kirk if you’re in need of help. Just be real be honest and upfront! I owe this man way more than the fees i paid him.
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Great service, great price!

Kirk was very helpful and really knew what he was talking about. He represented me and I am very happy with the results.
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An outstanding attorney at a very fair price

I needed a lawyer last year and found Kirk via his website, erattorney.com. He was great – not only is he a very personable guy, but he’s very thorough and got everything taken care of in a satisfactory manner. I highly recommend calling him when you need an attorney in Fond du Lac County.
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Help me out, was there when needed and fair on billing.
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